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Our mission is to provide turn-key cash positive energy savings solutions for the Industrial/Large Commercial sector. Our Smart LED Solutions chop energy costs while enhancing productivity via greater light output. From a simple retrofit, we digitize your facility, future-proofing your investment for what the world of IoT can bring tomorrow. We reduce your carbon footprint while putting money back into the operations.


OPEN STANDARDS FOR a hardware-agnostic philosophy


We provide cutting edge Smart LED using software capable of enterprise-level management from a central computer or a smartphone. Based on non-proprietary open standards, the software enables us to incorporate cutting edge best-of-breed products using a hardware-agnostic philosophy. We do Power Factor Correction projects that improve overall power quality with the fastest ROI in the industry. We do free no-obligation energy assessments, and even billing audits to ensure you aren't overpaying on your utility bill.

Streamline Energy Team

Stremaline’s business and technology experts are at the cornerstone of our success in delivering a ground-breaking advanced controls for energy efficiency.  See who helps make our vision a reality.

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