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Streamline Energy develops smart efficiency solutions to meet your strategic objectives. With more than 22M square feet of smart LED lighting under management across a diverse range of industries, we have helped create millions of operating expense reductions by accelerating intelligent lighting improvements and efficiency upgrades.

North American Tea
Delta BC
Scope: Streamline surveyed the facility and created a lighting design based on the results, completed the installation, including 330 Metal Halide and 2388 Fluorescent fixtures.

   • The smart LED conversion provided a six-month return on investment.
   • Prior to the smart LED installation, the facility used approximately 
   • After the conversion, it used approximately 1.8M annual kWh for lighting, a 94% reduction, and removed 338 kw off of peak power off BC Hydro’s grid , as verified by BCHydro Power Smart.
  • On average, illumination was about 55% higher throughout the production facility after the installation using less overall fixtures 
  • The customer saves over $16,000 each month since installation.

“The savings far exceeded our expectations and the whole facility change is quite remarkable with the lighting improvements.” 
North American Tea